Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Road Rash on Windows 7, Vista, XP (x32, x64)

Road Rush is a world of animated cars rushing in all directions at top speed. You are to choose your Hero-one of the four-wheeled fellows-and overcome a variety of roads with the only goal-to reach the legendary Anarchy City. On your way you'll come across numerous rivals. To defeat them you need bonuses. Your speed-racer will get an armor or Monster-trucks, find a siren or to act as a dare-Devil driver in the two-wheel race. The funny cartoon racing arcade is looking forward to adventurous gamers.

Tips to Play Road Rash on Windows 7, Vista(x62), XP(x32):
1.) If you have Road Rash CD or Image file, please mount it on your drive.
2.) Extract contents to a folder by clicking on rashdemo. (e.g. c:\Roadrash)
3.) Then from ROADRASH folder on iso file or CD, copy all the contents to the extracted folder n replace the existing files.
4.) Then from the SETUP folder on the iso file copy AWEMAN32.DLL also 2 the extracted folder.(i.e. c:\Roadrash)
5.) Then click on ROADRASH.exe to play the game.

If you see graphics problems while playing Road rash:-

1.) Press ctrl+alt+del to open tak manager.
2.) Kill the task explorer.exe in task manager.
3.) Open ROADRASH.exe from menu option file->new task in task manager.
4.) After finishing the game, by restarting explorer.exe from c:\windows\explorer.exe


Alex said...

Thanks a lot, that helped to play my beloved game!

fdzhfhdfhzfdh said...

After I done all that it still says I need to install the game before playing. Help plz? i really really want to play this game.